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The New Church Front Door

How will people find your church?

There are people in your community who are looking for spiritual answers and for true community. They would be willing to visit your church. So why aren’t they showing up on Sunday?

You can’t expect them to come knocking on your door, but they are willing to “knock” on the new digital front door that most new church members will come through: your Google My Business, website, and Facebook page.

We Solve Real Problems

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All builds from from our lowest priced starter builds for smaller churches to full custom sites are built with intentional strategic focus based on clearly defined goals and steps to reach those goals based on analytics.

Beautifully Crafted Websites

Most affordable church web design options look terrible. We tried to break the mold by offering one of the lowest cost entry points for church web sites while still looking and functioning great. Need more? We do full and custom builds too.


We offer small churches an affordable and easy way to help you get found, and offer more advanced options for churches looking to maximize your online presence.

Free Resources

The Gospel is truly great news and we want to help offer all churches free articles and resources to reach their community through their online presence.

Josh Gribble

Founder & Designer

The Gospel Connect Story

From Church Decline to Church Growth

After spending 10 years as a youth & children’s minister at churches that were declining in size I knew something needed to change.

As I began working part time marketing and web design I learned new ways to reach my community and was amazed to see our church making a bigger difference in their lives…

Strategies your church can use to share the gospel

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