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One of a Kind Pricing

Gospel Connect is unique in that we are the only design agency we are aware of that is offering high quality, analytic driven websites to smaller churches at a price they can afford. We do this by carefully looking at web page analytics and only including content that is truly impactful. We further keep prices down by having carefully tested, ready to roll out templates that are perfect for most churches. Need more than this? We’d be glad to do a complete custom build for your church as well.


$ 150
  • One Page Layout
  • Ultra-high quality
  • Basic Outreach
  • Basic SEO
  • Ready in Three Days
  • $25 monthly hosting & management


$ 500
  • Full featured
  • Multiple pages
  • Advanced Outreach
  • Advanced SEO
  • Ready in One Week
  • $50 monthly hosting & management


$ 1,500+
  • Brand & Strategy
  • Fully Customized
  • Complete localized SEO
  • Social, Email, & more available
  • Time Varies
  • $50+ monthly hosting & manageement

Build Strategy



All of our websites are finely tuned with specific goals in mind.


At the lowest price point the purpose is entirely about connecting with your community in the most efficient and way. 


For full websites we balance two purposes. The most important is reaching your community and the second is next steps for your church members.


For full websites we balance two purposes. The most important is reaching your community and the second is next steps for your church members.



All of our builds are based on analyzing real church websites to see the content website visitors actually engage with.

After the build you will receive detailed monthly reports to track website activity and continually improve your ability to reach your community through your website.



We’ve built our Starter and Full website templates with what we believe (based on analytics) are the most useful features for churches. If you are looking to expand beyond these we’d love to talk with you about your church’s web needs either in a custom build or with by adding on to a Full build.


Hosting & Management

Completion of your website is just the beginning, not the end. For all account types we offer ongoing hosting and maintenance to keep your site fast, secure, and up-to-date.

We Have Answers

Ask Us Anything

Our pricing is primarily based off of the amount of time needed to make the site.  Starter sites have much less content and can be created and updated very quickly. Custom sites, on the other hand, require a great deal of time for planning and creating, and require multiple revisions.

We can help provide the tools to effectively reach your community. How quickly this leads to numerical growth will depend on your community, church culture, and outreach budget.

Yes! Good website content is a key to Google or other search engines showing your site in their results. One of the best ways to generate lots of good content people are actually looking for is through events. 

Absolutely not! For most churches we find that Facebook is the most important social network. We advise never going wide before going deep.

Although our focus is on websites we could certainly help with your social media as well! We can take on a limited number of church social accounts if you need full service, but for most churches we would recommend a consultation where we can help equip you to use social tools for effectively.

We also provide free resources and articles here on our website.

Focus on understanding clear goals. This is true for websites, social media, email and church events. Most churches simply want to have a website with no goal in mind and then wonder why they aren’t seeing results. If you start by focusing on a clear goal you will have a much better chance of actually accomplishing it. 

Absolutely! For even our cheapest builds we offer a complete package of high quality build and hosting. We are ready to meet any additional needs you may have as well.

Print isn’t exactly dead- in many ways both print and in-person communication are of great value even for church outreach. However, for reaching your community to connect them with the Good News and plug them in to a growing relationship with Christ at your church you will find that Google My Business, Facebook, your website, and email will be the primary tools to invest in.

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