Missing Marketing Tools: Keys to Success Most Churches Skip

Missing Marketing Tools Infographic
Ready to get serious about your outreach messaging? Here are 5 key marketing principals that most churches skip. Try putting these into practice and see what happens when you communicate like a pro.

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Does Your Church Need Better Marketing?

Whether you are on staff or a volunteer at a church it’s likely you care much more about the Gospel than you do marketing. In a world full of in your face, never ending, often sleazy marketing does the church need to get involved with that?

You certainly don’t need to join in on the worst marketing has to offer (and frankly doing so would be flying in the face of the life and ministry of Jesus), but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from the best that modern marketing has to offer. At the heart of this is simply good communication. 

Good marketing is about crafting a compelling message. In the church we have a very good message, but often we only think about how to communicate that message internally through sermons and Bible study and forget to communicate that message to the world. Check out these 5 marketing principals and see if you can add them to your outreach toolbox and begin communicating a compelling invitation of God’s love and the deep and nurturing community available at your church.

Church Marketing Infographic

Next Steps

Are you skipping any of these steps in your church? If so let 2020 be the year your proceed with clarity (no pun intended) and dive deep into how you can more effectively share the gospel in your community!

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