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After spending 10 years as a youth & children’s minister at churches that were declining in size I knew something needed to change. I was blessed that God opened some new doors and now I find myself in an exciting new ministry field: A church where new people come each week and where  I know we are connecting the Gospel with the lives of our community.

It’s been a pleasure to find real strategies for growth and now I’m glad to help share that with other churches.

  • Marketing & Web Design

My college degree was in Computer Information Systems. Although I had used computers & technology in my ministry, I had always been so busy in actually running children’s & youth ministry activities that I hadn’t successfully used this in outreach.

In 2018 a friend who ran Brainstorm Marketing, a local marketing business, lost their web designers. I started helping out not expecting to get too involved. Instead this was a great fit and my college experience years before allowed me to not just fill in for their two designers, but to expand their web business.

This experience allowed me to look at church a whole new way. Where I previously felt discouraged at my church’s ability to grow I now saw the tools our church could have been using to reach our community.


  • New Church Position

In 2019 the second door opened for me. I moved from south Georgia back up to Atlanta for a new church position at Haven Fellowship Church. This wasn’t a youth & children’s position, but combined outreach, website, social media, leading ministry teams, and pastoral care. In short, it’s a little bit of everything.

I continued working at Brainstorm part time and applied the lessons I had learned (and was still learning) about web design & marketing. This is where I went from thinking “something needs to change” to seeing real change. Almost immediately I saw results I hadn’t seen in teen years of ministry.  


  • Marketing + Church

As much as I enjoyed working in web design and marketing for businesses from a variety of industries my true passion has always been the local church.  In 2020 the final door opened as I began started Gospel Connect with the goal of helping equip local churches with the tools to  use their web presence to share the Gospel and connect people into true community at their church.


Hi, I'm Josh,

  • Over 10 years ministry experience
  • Web design, marketing & social media expert
  • Masters of Divinity
  • B.S. Computer Info Systems

Josh, Sunny, & Caleb Gribble

Marketing + Ministry

What sets Gospel Connect Apart

There are lot of website options available, but we believe Gospel connect is unique in offering affordable, full featured outreach oriented, services that are to all churches.

Intentional Planning

Most church websites are trying to do dozens of different things and do none of them well. We begin by looking at the purpose for the site and using real data to determine the most effective way to achieve this purpose.

Affordable Pricing

By focusing on analytics to find the content that matters we can offer premade content that can easily be customized for your church which allows us to offer the lowest prices for quality websites in the industry.


All web page content is optimized based on examination of web traffic and search analytics.

Outreach Focus

All of our websites have the number one goal of helping more people experience the Good News.

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